We are a non-profit institution recognized by the Department of Education that was formed
to provide quality education poor but deserving children for free.

School Sponsorship

Our sponsorship program aims to equip children for future learning by giving them a head start with their education. Sponsorship for a child to attend City Gates Academy provides them with all the materials and resources needed for school including uniform, books and supplies. In addition City Gates Academy also provides a meal for all the students as we are aware that malnutrition affects the child’s mental potential.

Feeding Programs

Every Saturday City Gates hold a children’s club where around 100 children from the local community come to hone their mental skills, play games, socialize with their friends and receive a meal.

Youth Choir

City Gates Youth Choir practise every Saturday morning. There are over 30 active members of the choir and is open to all. Youth is an opportunity to meet with friends, make new friends as well as learning new songs and developing their singing voice.

Medical Mission

Medical missions are held regularly at City Gates providing the community with much needed access to free medical and dental treatment.

Summer School

Every summer City Gates hold a summer school for the local children aged 3-16. Regularly receiving over 400 children teaching them about the love of Christ! It is an energetic week full of singing, dancing, arts and crafts ending the week with a celebration that unites the community together.